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Featured Product: WDAD - Windows Desktop Auto Dialer
WDAD - MDLsolutions Windows Desktop Auto Dialer is a simple and easy to use personal/small business Auto Dialer. It installs, configures in minutes and provides the user with a useful basic auto dialer and data management feature set.
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Press Releases

04/01/2018 MDLsolutions® releases QPI - Quick Popup Integrator a SIP based solution that can be used to quickly display caller information from a contact solution or CRM, that supports input parameters.
MDLsolutions ® Quick Popup Integrator can be quickly configured to pass caller parameter information to your contact solution or CRM, while using almost any SIP based Windows software phone.

06/01/2017 MDLsolutions® releases WDAD - Windows Desktop Auto Dialer a simple desktop auto dialer designed for ease of use with most SIP phone systems.
MDLsolutions ® Windows Desktop Auto Dialer was built with simplicity in mind, so the user can quickly and easily start dialing without the need for complex configuration or costly monthly fees.

02/22/2016 MDLsolutions® provides Emerging Energy Solutions Group (Australia) with a Highly Flexible Wireless/Cloud based Call Center Solution.
MDLsolutions ® was tasked with providing a cloud based call center solution that supported agents that connected wirelessly. Aware of the issues that could arise from this type of infrastructure, MDLsolutions streamlined their software for greater efficiently, and integrated network      diagnostics into the AI.

03/04/2014 MDLsolutions® in partnership with BusinessWare Solutions, provides the Republican Party of the United States (Minnesota), with a Call Center Solution to meet their unique requirements.
MDLsolutions ®, in partnership with BusinessWare Solutions has provided a Call Center Solution to the U.S Republican Party. MDLsolutions was required to provide unique enhancements/features to their Call Center Solution in order for it to meet the needs of the U.S Republican Party.

12/07/2012 MDLsolutions ® in Partnership with Pimsware LLC Provides High Quality, Large Scale, Call Center Solution to Multiple Collection Agencies.
MDLsolutions ®, in partnership with Pimsware has provided a high quality, large scale, affordable call center solution to multiple collection agencies. Thus enabling us to provide a comprehensive call center solution for collection companies at a very affordable price.

08/12/2011 MDLsolutions ® High Quality, Affordable Windows Based Call Center Software Solution Now Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
MDLsolutions ®, in partnership with 3CX, satisfies Call Center affordability needs with a Auto Dialer Call Center Software Solution. MDLsolutions ® provides high quality, highly scalable VoIP solutions along with world class customer service at affordable prices while      refusing to compromise on its array of features, reliability and true voice quality..

08/18/2010 MDLsolutions releases a low cost/high quality Windows based Call Center solution.
MDLsolutions, in partnership with 3CX provides today’s Call Center Software Solutions on a low cost/high quality Microsoft Windows based platform that the prospective buyer can try out for free.

06/03/2010 MDLsolutions releases VoIP Auto Dialer that is functionally yet easy to use and affordable.
MDLsolutions dialer has over 23 unique features built into it such as answering and fax machine detection, multi list management, multi call queue support, direct call list import, call list result export, customizable call options, detailed reports and much more, and the dialer is also built on a reliable and tested architecture with an open SQL database backend.

10/07/2009 MDLsolutions to partner with 3CX Software based VoIP PBX system
MDLsolutions a custom solutions provider has chosen 3CX as the primary VoIP PBX system to integrate some of our custom and turn key solutions with.

03/19/2007 MediaPointXP media gateway solution for VoIP services/applications
MediaPointXP is the industry's first complete media gateway solution controlled by a Windows server-based application. XerXes NG, from MDL Solutions, provides enhanced media gateway control functionality to the MediaPointXP.

23/01/2007 Aculab to co-exhibit with MDLsolutions at IT Expo Conference
Aculab, a leading provider of enabling technology for the global communications market, is excited to announce that it will be co-exhibiting with "Connected with Aculab" partner, MDLsolutions, Inc.


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